Tiny Changes Result in Big Results

I’m reading Atomic Habits by James Clear.  Great book.  He says that if you improve at a certain thing 1% a day, by the end of the year, you will be 37% better than you were at the beginning of the year.  To improve by 1% a day is hardly perceptible.

When I read this, I was immediately reminded of my days as a music student at the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!).

When you look at a piece of music it often marked with the tempo the composer intended it to be played.  For example, it might say that one beat equals 120, which means 120 beats per minute.  I would set my metronome at whatever I speed I could currently play it perfectly.  Sometimes it was ridiculously slow, like maybe 40 beats per minute.  I’d play the passage at that speed.  If I play it perfectly, I would move the metronome up on notch to 41.  If I messed up, I would lower it one notch.

You probably can’t perceive the difference when you move the metronome one tiny notch, but by the end of the day, you will notice a huge difference.

I don’t think a human being can tell the difference between 40 beats a minute and 41 beats a minute.  It’s too small of a change to notice.  If I wasn’t controlling the metronome, my brain would’ve thought that I was just repeating the passage at the same speed.  But after a few hours, I was pushing my metronome up to 120 beats a minute – the target speed.  When I started practicing that morning, that seemed nearly impossible.

How does this apply to real estate?  It’s probably safe to assume that most people in real estate (or any business) are not making a concerted effort to get better.  Most people are doing the same thing they did last year.  The only time they make changes is when outside forces require a change.  But what if you made a concerted effort to get 1% better today?  That’s it – 1%.  That will have almost zero effect on your life from today to tomorrow.  But from today to one year from now, you will be a total new person – 37% better person to be exact. Wouldn’t like to have 37% more sales this year than last year? Just do one small thing today that will improve your sales.

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This Man Learned The Hard Way What “Caveat Emptor” Means

Recently, a piece of land was for sale at a tax deed auction in Broward County.  A man looked it up on the property appraiser’s website and some other public sites and found a photo similar to the one here.  He bid in the auction and snagged it for $9,100.  Here’s the kicker… he did not win the duplex.  He did not even win one of these villas.  He won the piece of grass that divides the two driveways.

Caveat Emptor

This photo from Google Earth shows what the man bought. He didn’t buy the house – he bought the strip of land in between the two driveways.

In one of those only-in-Florida situations, somehow this strip of grass is separate from the two villas.  The new owner is calling it deceptive and wants his money back.

I’m going to assume this guy never went to real estate school because one of the things I teach is that the rules of a tax deed auction or a foreclosure auction are “caveat emptor,” which means “Let the buyer beware.”

If you ever have a buyer who wants to skip the title search, this is why they need to do it.  In real life, you have to get a title search because the mortgage company requires it.  But if a person were paying cash, they could skip on the title search.  Here’s a good story about why the title insurance is worth it.  You want to be sure you are getting a house instead of a strip of grass with two mailboxes.

If you ever bid on a tax deed auction, or if you ever take the Florida real estate sales associate exam, be sure you know what caveat emptor is.

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What Is Karen Climer Up To?

I haven’t blogged recently (you may have noticed) but I’ve still been getting a lot of call asking me where I’m teaching classes.  I have an exciting answer to that question…

I’ve opened my own real estate school called Demetree School of Real Estate.  Check out that schedule to see when I’m teaching.  My first class is a FREE! math review on July 19, 2019.  This is intended for people who have passed the class exam, but are getting ready for the state exam.  It’s free but you have to register.  Click on this link to go to the website.  Then give me a call to register.

I’ll be blogging at that site about getting your Florida real estate license.  But I’ll also be blogging here about starting your career in real estate.  If that’s not enough information, you can also check out my YouTube channel

As always, if you have any questions about getting a Florida real estate license or starting your career in real estate, you are welcome to call me.